F.A.C.T Centre

Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre

Welcome to FESTO Authorized and Certified Training Centre(F.A.C.T)  at Nile University. Our Centre is a part of Nile University's commitment to driving technological and economic development in Egypt through world-class education and research. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between academic learning and industry demands, offering cutting-edge automation technologies, technical education, and industry-focused training that equip our students with practical skills and knowledge that meet global quality standards. With a strong partnership between Nile University, FESTO Germany, and FESTO Didactics, our Centreis committed to providing an unparalleled learning experience that prepares individuals for the challenges of today's dynamic industries and for future success in the world of industrial automation and mechatronics

What we do 

F.A.C.T Centre is a competent provider of personnel and organizational development for industrial companies, educational institutions, and their employees, through seminars, consulting, and technical training. We practice what we teach in our own facilities – that is the reason why we are offering training ‘From Industry, for Industry.’ It cannot be more authentic than that. a

  • We are training
  • We are consulting
  • We are industry
  • We are the engineers of productivity

Our portfolio combines competency-based training courses with tailor-made knowledge checks, E-Learning, courseware, and hands-on learning systems. This unique integration increases the effectiveness of learning, optimizes learning outcomes, and maximizes learning transfer. We know that investments in training, coaching, and apprenticeship are smart investments in sustainability, knowledge, skills, loyalty, and retention of staff and your company.
The core benefit for all our participants is simple; more knowledge and an increased hands-on skill set lead to:

  • Energy savings
  • Ideas and creativity
  • Decrease in downtime

Benefits of industry-focused training at F.A.C.T Centref

  • Allows smooth transition of participants into engineering jobs in high-tech industries.
  • Provide participants with a clear advantage over their competition in the job market.
  • Relevant to the demands of the local industry today and in the future
  • High-quality standards of Festo Didactic learning resources and Festo industry expertise
  • State-of-the-art international training facilities with industrial-grade equipment.
  • Highly efficient because the training is competency-based.
  • FESTO certificate awarded upon successful completion of training.
  • Bridging Knowledge Gaps for Increased Productivity.