Robotics ( ROB 111)

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4 days/32 hours

  after/before Prerequisite

Completion of EPB 121 or basic know-how in Electro-Pneumatics and in operating a PC with Windows interface

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In flexible automation, Industrial Robots are among the most important components. They allow automated processes to be adjusted rapidly. Especially in the future of Industry 4.0, Industrial Robots will be indispensable.

  • Robot applications in the industry now and in the future
  • Different types of Robots
  • Part systems of an Industrial Robot
  • Handling of the 3D simulation program CIROS
  • Renumber the existing position numbers
  • Plan, edit and test projects using CIROS
  • Handling of the online software version
  • Teach in and renumber of the existing positions
  • Test the simulated projects on the real Robot
  • Knows different Robot types and their applications in the industry
  • Knows the part systems of an Industrial Robot
  • Is able to plan, edit and test Industrial Robot projects
  • Is able to Teach in and renumber Robot positions
  • Is able to download and test Industrial Robot applications