Proportional Hydraulics Basics ( HYP 331)

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4 days/32 hours

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 Complete EHP321 or basic know-how in Electro-Hydraulics

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You will become familiar with the function & actuation of proportional valves and the design of basic circuits in relevant industrial applications. The extensive practical part provides you with an opportunity to design circuits, adjust parameters and gain experience of commissioning in proportional hydraulic control systems

  • Basic principles of proportional hydraulics.
  • Design, function & characteristics data for proportional and directional control valves
  • Generation of target values (analog & digital)
  • Adaptation of amplifier electronics to required conditions
  • Development & interpretation of proportional hydraulic circuit
  • Current standards and safety regulations for practical operation and exercises
  • Understands the principles of proportional hydraulics
  • Can explain the structure and mode of operation of proportional way
  • Can interpret the characteristics data of proportional valves
  • is able to adapt amplifier electronics to the required conditions
  • is able to develop and read proportional hydraulics circuit diagram