PLC Programming Basic ( PLC 131)

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 4 days/32 hours

  after/before Prerequisite

 General knowledge in electro-pneumatics system.

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 Factory Automation

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This training program is focussing on the structure and mode of operation of PLC as well as how to create basic logic association programs. A key element of the workshop is application and handling, using the programming terminology and taking into account the various interfaces between the individual technologies (mechanical, pneumatics, electrical and PLC).

  • Overview of controllers used in the Industry
  • PLC fundamentals in general
  • Functions of the components used in Electro-Pneumatics
  • Handling of the PLC programming software
  • Definition of the in- and output addresses
  • Absolute and symbolic addressing
  • Structural programming and uncondition and condition call
  • Planning, edit and test projects in digital technology
  • knows the different controllers used in the Industry
  • understands the function of all Electro-Pneumatic componentes
  • understands the function of a PLC
  • is able to define the in- and outputs
  • understands the absolute and symbolic addressing of in- and outputs
  • has an overview about the PLC programming languages - LAD, STL, FBD
  • knows all basic digital modules - AND, OR, NOT, RS-FF ...
  • is able to plan, edit and test PLC projects in Ladder Diagram