FA - PLC Programming Advanced (PLC 232)

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4 days/32 hours

  after/before Prerequisite

Completion of PLC 131or basic know-how in PLC programming

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Factory  Automation

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This training module is based on the know-how of the basic PLC programming module by transferring that know-how to the single stations of a Flexible Manufacturing System. The participants will plan, edit and test PLC project solutions for the single stations of the Factory Automation system called MPS 200.

  • Functions of the single FMS stations
  • Components - specification and function
  • Definition of the input and output addresses of the FMS stations
  • Absolute and symbolic addressing
  • Plan, edit and test PLC projects for each single FMS station
  • Planning of the I/O-communication between the single stations
  • Plan, edit and test the I/O-communication
  • Plan, edit and test the material- and signal flow through the entire FMS
  • knows the functions and symbols of different sensors and actuators
  • is able to distribute an entire project into logical steps
  • is able to plan a step-by-step programming solution with a PLC
  • is able to test a programming solution according to a specification
  • understands the levels of industrial communication
  • is able to plan an I/O-communication within a FMS
  • understands the Stop and Emergency Stop conditions within a FMS
  • is able to test an entire project solution according to a specification