CNC Basics - Sinumerik810/840D Milling and Turning (CNC 413)

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 4 days/32 hours

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 Basic engineering understanding

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CNC machines are one of the most important equipment used in industry to produce parts. This workshop will provide the necessary know-how based on hands-on training on real industrial equipment upon the ISO G-Code language SIEMENS SINUMERIK variant.

  • Brief history of the ISO G-Code language: the beginning, the actual state, the industrial point.
  • Principles of ISO G-Code programming.
  • Organization of a single instruction and the complete structure of a Block.
  • Description of the words set: N, G, F, S, F, T, M.
  • Syntax of the ISO G-Code words for Milling and Turning machines according to SIEMENS.
  • Systems of Coordinates: Absolutes and Relatives, Cartesians or Polars.
  • Machine coordinate system and user coordinate system.
  • Set-up of the machine for the required job.
  • Tool path: kind of paths and its control.
  • Technological parameters.
  • Structure of an NC program.
  • Samples according to SIEMENS Sinumerik810/840D.
  • understands the basics of how to program a CNC Machine.
  • understands how to manage the System of Coordinates.
  • understands how to control the tools and the tool movement.
  • knows the structure and the syntax of a single block of ISO G-Code SIEMENS Sinumerik810/840D.
  • knows the set of Words for Lathe Machines and for Milling Machines.
  • is able to read and write simple NC programs through SIEMENS Sinumerik810/840D Machine Interface.
  • is able to open an NC program and modify some instructions or add new blocks/words.
  • is able to define and put into the NC program the technological parameter.
  • understands the differences between Machine Coordinate System and User Coordinate System.
  • is able to simulate the tool path and understand it.