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Closed Loop Control in Process Automation

Code: CLC 241

Short description:
More and more closed loop process in the Process Automation Industry are controlled by PLCs not by Industrial Controllers anymore. Using a PLC has several advantages which this workshop is focusing on.


  • Preparation of the MPS PA Workstations
  • Installation and Commissioning of the MPS PA
  • Theory of closed loop technology
  • Closed loop control of the level and flow using the computer
  • Optimize the parameters for level and flow control using the computer
  • Analogue in- and output normalization
  • Closed loop control of the level, pressure and flow with the PLC

Competencies: The participant ...

  • is able to install and commission Process Automation stations
  • understands the theory of closed loop technology
  • is able to set-up a closed loop control by a computer
  • is able to optimize the corresponding parameters for level and flow control
  • understands the functions of analogue in- and outputs of a PLC
  • is able to normalize the signals of analogue in- and outputs
  • is able to plan, edit and test a closed loop control with a PLC

Prerequisites: Completion of PLC 233

Duration: 3 days

Order Number: FACT-CLC241-1012

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