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Open Day - NU Engineering Students

The FACT Centre has the pleasure to announce the beginning of the summer training program & the first open day for Engineering Students. This very first event is dedicated to NU students. Undergraduate students from all engineering departments are welcome to attend.



         Transportation from the Juhayna campus to smart village and back.

         Introduction to the FACT Centre, its affiliations, purpose of its establishment and its role in the mechatronics complex at Nile University.

         A detailed tour in the newly established labs covering our 5 technologies:

o   Pneumatics.

o   Hydraulics.

o   Factory & Process Automation.

o   Electrical Drives.

o   CNC

         Exploring the educational philosophy and methodology in the FACT Centre.

         An announcement of the summer training program, schedule and the eligibility requirements.

         Coffee break and refreshments.


Presentations Groups:

To accommodate the lecture schedules on Wednesday 06.May.2015, there will be two groups. Each group will have a bus to pick them up from Juhayna campus to the FACT Centre in the Smart Village campus and back to Juhayna campus. Please check the appropriate group that fits your lectures schedule and register your details below.


Buses schedule:


Buses take off from:

Juhayna Campus



Smart Village

Buses take off from:

Smart Village



Juhayna Campus

Group (1)

09:30 am

11:10 pm

Group (2)

11:50 am

02:30 pm


Kindly register your details and choose your preferred group. Buses will be mobilized based on the students registering in the groups below, if you require transportation registration is a must !

Specialization Mechatronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Electronics & Communications
Computer Engineering

Group Group (1)
Group (2)

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